Trojan launches The Edge Condoms

New condoms and contraceptives are designed and built all the time. Few make it into the market where you and I can buy them. One recent one that has made it onto store shelves is the Edge a new condom by Trojan.

The Edge Condom by Trojan

In the July 31st 2019 2nd quarter call Church and Dwight the parent company of Trojan condoms said this about the new condoms called ‘The Edge’:

“[The condoms are] designed to excite and elevate the experience with changing sensations and both inside and outside lubrication.”

What?! Sensation on inside and outside? Sounds awesome! Pleasure for both partners.

However reviews on the Trojan condom website have noted that the new condoms aren’t comfortable. At time of writing the reviews have a 2.5 / 5 for comfort. The reviews were mixed with some enjoying the condom and some finding discomfort.

We are all about trying new things. If you like trying something new then get a box of these edge condoms. If you do let use know what you thought of them.

You can get the condoms on Amazon here.

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